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On June 25, 1983, the Lord’s Cricket Ground witnessed4 men beat the two times World Champions West Indies, putting India back onto the cricket world stage.


Movie Info:

  • Full Name: 83
  • Language: Hindi
  • Release Year: 2021
  • Size: 500MB, 1.3GB & 3.1GB
  • Quality:  480p, 720p & 1080p
  • Format: Mkv
  • Director: Kabir Khan
  • Writers: Sumit Arora(dialogue), Vasan Bala(screenplay), Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan(screenplay)
  • Stars: Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Tahir Raj Bhasin


Captain Kapil Dev led a team from India, seen as underdogs, to bring home the country’s first-ever World Cup title in the year 1983. Kabir Khan’s ‘83’ encapsulates the journey of this team that taught a nation to believe and to pin its hopes on its cricket players’ by returning home as a set of uniquely gifted world champions.

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Sport biopic Kabir Khan not only successfully portrays the emotional weight of the underdogs’ triumph, but it also serves as a well-researched document in the common vernacular.
To India’s unlikely, yet well-deserved win at the 1983 Cricket World Cup, filmmaker Kabir Khan may perhaps add a new legend. This was the question that many of us were thinking about when he announced the film, which is about the dramatic voyage of Kapil’s Devils throughout the summer in England.

Many people were concerned that an incident that occurred in the distant past would be fictionalised for the benefit of the current generation. Many people would not want to have their beloved recollections of watching the World Cup on a black-and-white television set contaminated by a fictionalised narrative presented in 4K, which they believe would have been a better option for one of India’s greatest wins in team sports.

Kabir, on the other hand, has used his unique background in producing authentic documentaries and big-budget blockbusters to great effect in creating a rousing docu-drama that will make naysayers do to them what a bunch of poorly-paid, little-known cricketers did to journalist David Frith: make them regret their statements.

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83 not only captures the emotional weight of the underdogs’ triumphant narrative, but it also presents a well-researched material written in a common dialect that is easy to understand. A good example of this is when Kabir offers us a nice tale about how they came to take the team shot, seamlessly combining the real with the fabricated. Making for an enthralling viewing experience on the big screen are the behind-the-scenes parts, the dressing room conversations, and, of course, Kapil’s crushing innings in the important India-Zimbabwe match (which was not shown by the BBC).

However, it is Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Kapil Dev who, in the end, makes a fanboy’s ecstasy feel like a genuine experience. For over two and a half hours, he virtually becomes Kapil Dev, and he is the pulsating centre of this riotous, riotous cinematic carnival. In addition to the beguiling toothy grin, the body language, prosthetics, and wig, Ranveer embraces Kapil’s never-say-die mentality and does not allow himself to be reduced to a caricature of himself. The Haryana Hurricane’s English may be devoid of verbs, but the guy is a force to be reckoned with. Perhaps the absence of an apostrophe before the title is a metaphor for the pulsing tale and the nature of ‘Kapsi,’ who is pure of heart and devoid of malice in his character.

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Whether it’s about Kapil’s relationship with Sunil Gavaskar (Tahir Bhasin), or about Sandeep Patil’s (Chirag Patil) debonair ways, or about Mohinder Amarnath (Saqib Salim) growing up in the shadow of his illustrious father Lala Amarnath, the storyline is interspersed with important facts, trivia, and little-known curios. What’s more, Kabir and his co-writers, Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan and Vasan Bala, have put them in the proper perspective. The cricket action, which was shot by Aseem Mishra, doesn’t appear to have been staged, and the reggae music that plays every time Richards takes the guard adds to the atmosphere.

Uncovering a layer of storey underneath the lighthearted veneer reveals an astute reflection on the times and what the triumph meant for the country. Remember that the Nellie tragedy took place in 1983, a year that should not be forgotten. While Kabir follows the action on the green grounds of England, he also gives us a feel of the sticky socio-economic situation that India was in during the 1980s, when cricket developed as an uniting factor in the country.

Pakistan is mentioned in the novel, which is a first. This isn’t directed against the players, who advanced to the semi-finals, but rather at the army, which caused a nuisance throughout the contests. Whether it’s in Ek Tha Tiger or Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Kabir enjoys inflaming nationalist feelings in his films. They might be overly simple at times, but he rarely veers into jingoistic terrain in his writing. Muslims wearing skull caps and waving the Tricolor are pushed by him in this scene, which appears in many shots.

Aside from Ranveer, Jiiva manages to capture the swashbuckling spirit of Krish Srikkanth nearly perfectly, although Pankaj Tripathi’s performance as the team manager looks a touch too eager to stoke the audience’s cry glands. The casting of Mohinder and Mali Marshall in the parts of their legendary dad, as well as Deepika Padukone’s appearance as the elegant Romi Dev, comes as a pleasant surprise. Hardy Sandhu was unable to capture Madan Lal’s body language accurately, and Vivian Richards (Jacques Taylor) has been reduced to the role of a gum-chewing dude, among other odd choices. It is also impossible to become Clive Lloyd just by donning a pair of spectacles! Some of the West Indian fast bowlers have outlandish hairstyles, which makes for entertaining viewing. Music soundtrack for the picture was essential, yet Pritam fails to meet the high standards set by the audience. It would have been beneficial if the grammar of the English and Hindi cricket commentary had been verified.

In a film that makes us laugh, cry, and repeatedly manages to reproduce scenes that give us goosebumps even four decades after the momentous win, these are minor quibbles. A terrific way to bring a challenging year to a successful conclusion.



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Download 83 (2021) Hindi Movie Web - DL

Download 83 (2021) Hindi Movie Web - DL

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