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Language :- Hindi
Series Info :- Mini Bomb 2022 S01 Complete Ullu Hindi Hot Web Series Download

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Release Date :- March 2022

Directors :- N/A
Stars :- Apoorva Arora (Mini), Anshuman Malhotra (Vihaan), Tanya sharma (Alisha), Alka Kaushal (Koushalya), Tushar Khair (Pandya), Keyuri Shaha (Vedika),

Storyline :- Mini fibs a lot and lies to save herself from life’s little complications, one such lie ends up with her mother believing that she is a lesbian. Confronted by her mother she agrees to the lie whereas she is in love with a guy. Not realizing this time her lie is going to turn her life upside down.

Ullu App allows you to watch Mini Bomb web series episodes in their entirety online.

The mini-series Mini Bomb was made available on Ullu Web Series’ platform by the production company. Apoorva Arora and Tanya Sharma star as the main characters in the Mini Bomb web series. Throughout the web series, there is a lot of humour and drama. On the Ullu app, you may watch the Mini Bomb web series, which is available online.

When Ullu Originals released the trailer for Mini Bomb, the internet erupted in excitement. The online series alluded to a conceivable and humorous circumstance involving two females who were in a relationship with each other. The series, on the other hand, failed to impress the viewers in any way.

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Despite the fact that the Mini Bomb web series features offbeat humour, the series is somewhat monotonous and never really picks up the pace. A fan of any of the celebrities featured in the series is required to watch the show in order to participate.

Cast of the Mini Bomb Web Series

The cast includes Apoorva Arora, Mini Anshuman Malhotra, and Vihaan.
Tanya Sharma – Alisha is a fictional character created by Tanya Sharma.
The following are the cast members: Alka Kaushal, Koushalya Tushar Khair, Pandya Keyuri Shaha, and Vedika

Review and synopsis of the Mini Bomb web series

Mini is the central character of the novel, and she lies and fibs a lot in order to rescue herself from life’s tiny annoyances. She once lied to her mother about being in a relationship with a woman in order to avoid having to talk to her about it. At the same time, there are other external factors at play, all of which combine to make for a funny trip for Mini.

The Mini Bomb Web Series is well worth your time to watch. The Ullu app, on the other hand, has proven itself several times by delivering material that is the perfect combination of a compelling tale and titillation. We hope that the next time Ullu Originals performs, they will bring something interesting to the audience.

Ullu Originals just announced some platform changes on their social media accounts, which you can read about here. Their new Head of Content Strategy and Business Alliances, Nivedita Basu, will oversee the development of future Ullu Web Series and short film projects.

On the Ullu app, you may access all of the episodes of the Mini Bomb Web Series in real time.

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