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Vaishya (2022)

Prime Shots Vaishya (2022)

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N/A min | Erotic | Romance | 25 Mar 2022


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Prime Shots Vaishya Web Series

Ayesha Kapoor stars in the web series Vaishya, which you can watch online in its entirety.

A multitude of new material was added to the Primeshots app to keep the audience engaged. They have recently created web series such as Dil Do, Jhol, and Mrs. Teacher, which have been quite popular on social media platforms. The Vaishya online series is also expected to receive a similar reception, according to its creators.

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The Vaishya Primeshots web series is apart from anything else that the Primeshots app has to offer. In the Vaishya series, Ayesha Kapoor will appear in a different role than she has previously. The plot of the film centres around the heroine Ayesha Kapoor, who works as a prostitute in Mumbai.

The key roles in the Vaishya Web series were played by Ayesha Kapoor, Ashman, Mandy Bhullar, and Saurabh Jain. Noor Azam Ali Khan is the director of the Vaishya Web Series. There are a few lines of conversation in the web series that allude to a distinct tale being told.

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Cast of the Vaishya Web Series

Ayesha Kapoor is a Bollywood actress.

Mandy Bhullar is a model and actress.


Saurabh Jain is an Indian businessman.

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In the web series Vaishya, Ayesha Kapoor portrays a transgender woman.In the Vaishya Web Series, Ayesha Kapoor says, “Mai Mardo Ko Bahut Acchi Tarah Se Janti Hu,” and then she asks, “Ask me why?” There is a dialogue in which she says, “Mai Mardo Ko Bahut Acchi Tarah Se Janti Hu,” and then she says, “Ask me why?” “Pure Sehar Ko Chhati Pe Bitha Rakha Hai,” says another line in the discussion.

Vaishya Web Series has several well-known actors and actresses, including Mandy Bhullar, Ashman, Sourabh Jain, and others. Ayesha Kapoor has worked with Primeshots on the majority of her web series and short films. All of these male performers, on the other hand, appear on a regular basis in the Primeshots series.

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It would be intriguing to see what Primeshots has in store for us in the future. There’s no denying that they offer a unique tale with visually beautiful imagery to the table. Many themes, on the other hand, need to be examined further. We are hopeful that Primeshots would bring its A-game in order to compete with other local OTT services.

In the meanwhile, you may watch entire episodes of the Vaishya Web Series online via the Primeshots app. With a nominal membership fee, you may also have access to additional premium material within the application.


Vaishya (2022)


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