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Khamoshiyan 2022 HalKut App Hindi Hot Short Film

A lonely cottage, a gorgeous girl, a young man with a fresh face, and dark incidents are all wrapped up in a collection of sufi-infused songs that have already taken over the radio airways.

There you have it: your new Bhatt Brothers picture, which does precisely what you would expect it to do: it plays out similar erotic-horror-thriller components on new, or almost-new, characters. And that’s the trick to keeping us interested for at least a portion of the time because we want to know: will this be a new face that will grow, or will this be a new face that will not?

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Mrs Pabbi is provided by ‘Khamoshiyan’ in the tradition of Vishesh Films’ long-legged beauties, Ms Pabbi. As Meera, who is fleeing from a dark secret and arriving at a cottage that appears inviting at first but soon reveals its horrors, first-timer Pabbi does what is expected of her: she looks alluring, she goes at it hot and heavy, and she screams in terror, keeping her lipstick perfectly applied at all times.

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This is the type of film in which a lovely girl goes off with a complete stranger with no qualms about her actions. Into a residence where there is no one else present. And she offers to share a drink with him thereafter. What kind of a girl would do anything like that? It’s the young lady who is about to be terrified, to be precise. To her advantage, an attractive stranger (Ali Fazal) comforts her as her husband (Gurmeet Chowdhary) lurks curiously within the house. And then there’s a body =: is it a person or an evil spirit that appears?

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Buri Aatma gets its time to entertain the make-up artists while also giving us a couple of scares in this episode of the horror series. However, as is often the case, Bollywood is unable to take a serious approach to horror since it is required to insert a song at that very moment. Phoots are great and all, but they can’t compete with ‘geets’ that will play in a loop on their own time.

Isn’t it funny how beautifully the word’sargoshiyan’ rhymes with the word ‘khamoshiyan’?

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