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Hotshots App DOUBLE TROUBLE (2020)

Series min | Erotic , Adult | 29 May 2020


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Hotshots Web Series

Storyline :In his spare time, Kush, a twenty-something employee, daydreams about his lovely employees Shikha and Nisha, who he considers to be his girlfriends. While they are having a sexual experience in a vacant conference room, he occurs to notice them doing so. He threatens Shikha, stating that if she does not engage in sexual contact with him, he would report her to Human Resources for violating company policy. Shikha agrees with trepidation, but stresses that it is only possible if they work together as a trio, with Nisha as their third member. After work, Kush agrees to meet them at a nearby nightclub, which they gladly accept. A few beers at the club later, they make their way to a neighbouring motel. Kush is placed in shackles and a gag by Nisha in order to make the scenario more interesting. Nevertheless, once Kush is restrained, the girls merely make out with each other, leaving Kush destitute and depressed.


On June 9th, 2020, Hotshots, an emerging adult content online streaming platform in India, premiered the web series “Double Trouble,” which is a Hindi drama and erotica. Arita Paul, Akansha Sharma, Dev Rathor, and others star in this web series directed by Andy Bam, which also stars Arita Paul, Akansha Sharma, Dev Rathor, and others.
Story:Kush, a twenty-something employee, spends his days daydreaming about his lovely female coworkers Shikha and Nisha, whom he finds attractive.
He, on the other hand, happens to notice them having a sexual encounter in an empty conference room.
He threatens Shikha, saying that unless she has sexual relations with him, he would report them to Human Resources. Shikha accepts hesitantly, but insists that it is only possible if they are a threesome, with Nisha joining them. Upon their request, Kush agrees to meet them at a club after work.

After a few beers at the club, they decide to check into a hotel in the area. Nisha places handcuffs and a gag on Kush to make the situation more intriguing. However, once Kush is tied down, the girls simply make out with each other, leaving Kush abandoned and frustrated.

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Director : Director: Andy Bam
Cast(s) : Aritaa Paul,Dev Rathor,Akanksha Sharma

Language : Hindi
Quality : WEB-DL
Resolution : 720P | 1080P
Size : 100MB | 300MB


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